TbwaWD2-0599 copyWOMEN’S Aid Organisation, Malaysia (http://www.wao.org.my/) launched a nationwide public education programme called #NoExcuseForAbuse to raise awareness on domestic violence in March.

Through this campaign, they targeted the earlier phase of domestic abuse before it snowballs. Especially, they were reaching out to those who are in doubt, who are questioning whether things are going right in their relationships.

There were four parts to the campaign, including an installation art exhibition, pledge of support, SMS helpline and radio public service announcements.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, the exhibition features a display of blouses with hand-stitched words representing the voices of survivors

They also launched an SMS helpline called TINA (Think I Need Aid) and details were included on each of the blouses.

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TINA was created to reach out to victims of abuse who may not want to make phone calls and feel more comfortable sending a text message as there was more anonymity.

During the event, #NoExcuseForAbuse T-shirts were given out to the public.


ANWS presents at the UN Commission on the Status of Women NGO Forum in New York

Speakers at panel “Asia-Pacific Shelters: Going the Second Mile with Advocacy and Service Work”: from left Julie Oberin, Margaret Augerinos, Zoe Chi, Bandana Rana, Kristen Liu, Anthony Carlisel. (Not pictured: Alena Victor)

Speakers at panel “Asia-Pacific Shelters: Going the Second Mile with Advocacy and Service Work”: from left Julie Oberin, Margaret Augerinos, Zoe Chi, Bandana Rana, Kristen Liu, Anthony Carlisle. (Not pictured: Alena Victor)

The Asian Network of Women’s Shelters and the Oceania Network of Women’s Shelters held a forum at the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) on the topic of “Asia-Pacific Shelters: Going the Second Mile with Advocacy and Service Work” early in the morning on Monday, March 10, 2014.


IMG_2432The speakers were Bandana Rana, President of Saathi, Nepal and Chair of the Global Network of Women’s Shelters; Anthony Carlisle, International Affairs Supervisor at the Garden of Hope Foundation, Taiwan (which is the secretariat of ANWS); Kristen Liu, Executive Director of Garden of Hope New York; Alena Victor, Assistant Director of Shelters at the New York Asian Women’s Center; Margaret Augerinos, CEO, Centre for Non-Violence, Australia; Julie Oberin, CEO of the Annie North Women’s Refuge, Australia; and Ivy Josiah, Executive Director, Women’s Aid Organisation, Malaysia. The meeting was moderated by Chi Hui-Jung, CEO of the Garden of Hope Foundation, Taiwan and chair of ANWS.
The Asia-Pacific is the most diverse region in the world. Differences in shelter services are as wide as the cultural and economic divides. Some countries do not have the legal framework to protect women from domestic violence (DV) let alone the welfare structure to provide sufficient shelter support; while other countries are working on better shelter management and follow-up services.

The panelists discussed the current status of women’s shelters in the Asia-Pacific, looking at issues such as the link between advocacy and shelter work in South Asia, support services to help survivors become economically empowered in North Asia, and resources and services for Asian migrant women in New York. Continue reading

Give Her a Shelter, Stop Violence Against Women

2013ACWS Group Photos-2

Establishment of Asian Network of Women’s Shelter

Almost 200 hundred delegates participated in the 2013 Asian Conference of Women’s Shelters organized in Kaohsiung from December 2 – 3, 2013, where the establishment of the Asian Network of Women’s Shelters was announced. The overseas delegates were from 11 countries (including Japan, Singapore, Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, etc.) The Garden of Hope Foundation hosted the 2013 Asian Conference of Women’s Shelters. In addition to discussing the situation of shelters (in terms of advocacy, services, policies etc.), different needs of battered women in the process of their life reconstruction was discussed.

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From the survey conducted by Global Network of Women’s Shelters (GNWS) of more than 44 countries and 121 shelters, it is found that 8,148 women worldwide were turned away from shelters due to lack of resources, 77% of shelters do not have enough government funding, 68% lack financial security, 68% of shelters are forced to operate shelters giving low wages to employees, 50% of shelters cannot find professional staff, while 25% of shelters use volunteers who are committed to maintaining the shelter. In current situations, many shelters face challenges in sustaining long-term! Continue reading