TbwaWD2-0599 copyWOMEN’S Aid Organisation, Malaysia (http://www.wao.org.my/) launched a nationwide public education programme called #NoExcuseForAbuse to raise awareness on domestic violence in March.

Through this campaign, they targeted the earlier phase of domestic abuse before it snowballs. Especially, they were reaching out to those who are in doubt, who are questioning whether things are going right in their relationships.

There were four parts to the campaign, including an installation art exhibition, pledge of support, SMS helpline and radio public service announcements.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, the exhibition features a display of blouses with hand-stitched words representing the voices of survivors

They also launched an SMS helpline called TINA (Think I Need Aid) and details were included on each of the blouses.

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TINA was created to reach out to victims of abuse who may not want to make phone calls and feel more comfortable sending a text message as there was more anonymity.

During the event, #NoExcuseForAbuse T-shirts were given out to the public.