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Why you should join ANWS

The shelter movement broke the silence on violence against women. Women refused to scream quietly but sought to claim the right to be free of violence. In the 80s across Asia, women organized themselves to open shelters to meet an urgent need, a need that is still critical today.

ANWS was founded in 2012 to establish a network across Asia so we could share and learn from each other in order to strengthen our services and advocacy.

Be part of a movement to raise the voices of women!

Membership of ANWS is open to institutions that run at least one shelter in Asia, or work on non-violence or promote legislation that is linked to shelters in Asia. Members are expected to be committed to the vision and values of ANWS.  Members of ANWS work together to strengthen women’s shelters in Asia, and speak with a powerful voice to end all forms of violence against women.

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