Asian Conference of Women’s Shelters 2017 – logistical information


August 28-31, 2017


Day 1 and 2 of the conference (August 28-29) are devoted to presentations and discussions. Day 3 (August 30) is a study tour, and Day 4 (August 31) is an optional city tour. Please see the conference agenda for more details.


Taipei Innovation City Convention Center (矽谷國際會議中心 / Sun-Tech Technology Park), 2nd Floor, No. 223, Section 3, Beixin Road, Xindian (Hsin-Tien) District, New Taipei City, 231.

Conference languages

English and Chinese (simultaneous translation), apart from the afternoon of Day 2, which will be English only – with some informal help for Chinese speakers.

Posters, brochures & display and sale of products

At the conference venue there will be wall space to display posters, and table space to display brochures and/or products from your organizations. Table space is limited to about the area of an A2 piece of paper (four A4 pieces). You may sell products at the venue, but we cannot help you collect cash or be responsible for the loss or damage of any products. Please feel free to bring your items with you so they can be shown at the conference. We can pick them up from you at the hotel at 4pm on August 26, or you may bring them over on the morning of August 27.


The conference hotel is the Chinatrust Executive House Hsin-Tien (address: No. 219-2, Chung Shing Rd., Sec. 3, Hsin-Tien, Tel: +886-(0)2-2910-6600. The Garden of Hope can get discount rooms (NT$1,700/night) so please book through us if you would like to stay there. If you are receiving a hotel scholarship from us, we will arrange for you to stay in a twin room. Please let us know if you want a single room, but note that you will need to pay the additional cost yourself (NT$850/night).

Twin room

Single room

Copyright agreement for speakers and respondents

We will be webcasting the conference live, and later sharing videos and copies of presentation materials on the ANWS website. To respect your privacy, we will ask your permission to broadcast and post your section of the conference. If you do not wish to be filmed, and/or do not wish to have your presentation and/or presentation materials appear online or be available for download, please indicate so on copyright agreement. (Video and webcast copyright agreement (Word document))

Typical Taiwanese lunchbox


Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements – vegetarian, Halal, no beef etc. – but because Halal food is not common in Taiwan, we recommend strict Muslims eat vegetarian to be on the safe side.

The meals that we are currently covering are:

  • Aug 28: breakfast, lunch*, coffee breaks, dinner
  • Aug 29: breakfast, lunch*, coffee breaks
  • Aug 30: breakfast, lunch
  • Aug 31: breakfast
  • Sep 1: breakfast

The above is subject to change. Please make your own arrangements for meals that are not included.

*Lunch on Aug 28-29 is a choice of chicken, pork or vegetarian – please let us know in advance your preference.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance, including coverage for medical treatment, accidents and injury, is not part of the conference package so please make your own arrangements. We cannot be responsible for any expenses resulting from illness or injury during your stay in Taiwan.

Dress code

There is no official dress code for the conference, but we would recommend smart-casual (neat yet casual attire) on Aug 28-29. We will be visiting the Office of the President on August 30 as part of the study tour, which will be a more formal occasion, so please pack your business suit or traditional dress just in case.

How to get to the hotel from the airport, and around town

From Taoyuan International Airport, take the airport MRT (metro) express train to the last stop at Taipei Main Station, walk to Beimen MRT and take the green line south to Dapinglin station, take exit 3 (which has a lift and escalator) or exit 2 (which is closer but up a long flight of stairs) out of the station and walk 2-3 minutes to the hotel. The cost of the airport MRT is NT$160, and the city MRT is NT$30 – single fare.

From Songshan Airport, take the MRT south two stops to Nanjing Fuxing station, change to the green line and continue south to Dapinglin. See here for a handy MRT map.

Hotel (circled red), Garden of Hope (circled yellow), conference center (circled green).

If you have some free time and plan on exploring Taipei by yourself, you should invest in a metro card, which will cost you a non-refundable NT$100, but gives you discounts on most rides, and can be used on YouBikes, buses, as well as in convenience stores, and many other locations.

Reimbursement for airfares

If you are receiving a scholarship on your airfare, please book and purchase your own ticket – after checking the quotation for the cost with us. Unfortunately we cannot reimburse you until after you return to your country. We will wire the money to your bank account upon receipt of the following: (1) original boarding pass stubs – inbound and outbound, (2) original travel agent/online booking invoice, (3) e-ticket or itinerary.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but our accountants and sponsors need to see above proof of travel and payment before they can release the money. So please remember especially to keep all your boarding pass stubs. Hand these and other documents over to us in Taipei, and post us your return boarding pass stub after you return home.

After we receive all proof of travel and payment, we will be able to reimburse you by bank transfer.

Please note that sponsorship does not include visa or e-visa costs. We also cannot sponsor local transportation costs to and from the airport, including from Taipei airport to your hotel.

Video introduction to your organization

We will be showing video introductions to participating organizations during lunchtime on Monday and Tuesday. If you would like to have your organization featured during lunch hour, please send us either a short video (5 minutes) or a PowerPoint presentation, which we will convert into a video for you.

Introduction to your organization in the conference handbook / online

Please send us a logo (600KB, 300ppi) and brief introduction (200 words) of your organization to be included in the conference handbook by August 11, or at any time for the ANWS website.

Information for speakers

  • Unfortunately the agenda is now full, so there are no more opportunities to make formal presentations. However, we have arranged plenty of time for discussions and questions during the panels, and all participants will have a chance to talk about their work in the “Open Space” afternoon on Day 2.
  • If you are a panel speaker, please prepare a 15 minute presentation. Please send us any presentation materials (PowerPoint slides, handouts, videos etc.) by August 4.
  • If you are a keynote speaker, please send your presentation by August 11.
  • If you are a panel respondent, we will send you the presentation materials in your panel by August 5, and ask you to prepare a 7 minute response. Please send us your presentation of this response by August 11.
  • Please also give us your biography (200 words) and photograph (600KB, 300ppi), if you would like these to be included in the conference handbook, by August 11 – or at any time on the ANWS website at any time.


For participants from countries that do not have visa waiver or landing visa agreements with Taiwan, we are helping apply for e-visas. There will be a fee of around 50USD which you will need to pay yourself, but the application can be done online. Please send us the following information to start the process: (1) passport number, (2) surname, (3) given name, (4) date of birth, (5) date of passport expiry, (6) address, (7) exit and entry port, (8) date of arrival, (9) date of departure.


We are trying to bring as many people to the conference as possible. In principle, we can sponsor:

  • the airfare and accommodation of one person per organization from developing countries/organizations;
  • the accommodation of a second person from developing countries/organizations; and
  • the accommodation of 2 persons from developed countries/organizations.