Thank you all for being part of the 2022 ANWS Annual Conference

On the 2nd of September, the ANWS co-hosted the 2022 ANWS Annual Conference: Resilience: A Path Leading Women Towards Trauma Recovery with the Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) in Taiwan addressing the theme of Relationship Repair and Resiliency. Together we would like to thank you all, including staff and everyone behind the scenes, for being part of the 2022 ANWS Annual Conference. This event would not be so successful without your participation.

In this event we were enlightened of insightful words from invited speakers joining us online from Asia, Europe, and the U.S. It was our great pleasure to have Ms. Bandana Rana, the UN CEDAW member, and the Honorable Dr. Hilda Heine, Senator of the Republic of the Marshall Islands giving us inspirational remarks. Their words of wisdom have helped show us direction and guidance towards a path of helping gendered-based violence victims on trauma recovery.

“Resilience is considered a positive personality characteristic that enhances individual adaptation. Resilience is a keyword in the world of abused family members and serves as a foundation for recovery for women facing trauma situations” as the Honorable Dr. Hilda Heine gave us during the conference. We look forward to see victims no longer be a victim but a survivor with the help of their inner strength: resiliency. Relationships may be repaired and managed for a better cause.