2021 ANWS Annual Conference

Economic Empowerment and Development and Future Possibility of Developmental Social Work

The Garden of Hope Foundation observes that poverty, deprivation, and desperation are commonly seen in many cases. It’s the priority of developmental social work to respond to these challenges. The Foundation believes that the goal of economic development and social welfare should be equally important in the empowerment process.

Developmental social work focuses on the advantage of the recipient, and pays attention to the regional characteristics. It emphasizes the process of social investment, economic policy, and public participation. It accumulates all kinds of assets (manpower, finance, and social capital) of its clienteles through a positive cycle in productive economic activity, and allows self-determination possibility and opportunity or further feedback to drive regional economic activity growth and promote overall economic development.

The conference now opens for registration! Register now: https://forms.gle/wpe26f1meqaK1Jru7