Women’s Crisis Center (CWCC), Cambodia

CWCC(Women’s Crisis Center) is recognized by government, civil society and international agencies as a leading women’s organization working, since 1997, to eliminate all forms of violence against women, promoting gender justice and a culture of peace by implementing a two-pronged approach: protecting the human rights of women and children and working towards social change so that gender based violence is no longer accepted.

In Cambodia, violence in home is normalized. According to preliminary findings from a survey conducted by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, 70 % of all respondents believe physical violence is occasionally permissible against females, while 55% of Cambodian women consider arguing with a husband about his spending habits or extramarital affairs to be justification for domestic violence. Each year, 70% of women accessing CWCC services are survivors of domestic violence.

There is limited government welfare support in Cambodia. If women, including young women, are not economically self-reliant they will be dependent, all their lives, on their husbands and/or family for survival. This makes them extremely vulnerable to exploitation and abuse as they must stay in unsafe relationships. Woman and girl survivors need to be resourced, to escape poverty and to become economically independent. Long-term recovery for survivors who have experienced violence and exploitation is dependent on successful economic reintegration into the community of their choice.  Key principles that guide CWCC to provide services to survivors are: Accessibility, Safety, Confidentiality and Empowerment.