WAO, Malaysia

To commemorate IWD 2014, WAO in Malaysia came up with a visual campaign to educate the public about the how difficult it is for women to leave an abusive situation. Called the “No Excuse for Abuse” campaign.

It is not uncommon that our first response to domestic violence is denial. A woman is shocked when her husband or intimate partner becomes violent and seeks to justify and minimize the behavior. She feels guilt and negates the fear and anger hoping that he will change, wanting to preserve the relationship. However without early intervention domestic violence will not stop.

It is crucial we learn to identify the signs of abuse that may escalate to dangerous levels if left alone. In the 32 years of our services for abused women and their children WAO has learnt that domestic violence starts with verbal abuse, making threats, breaking objects, blaming and arguing and moves to pushing, grabbing, shoving, choking, hitting, threats and  even causing permanent injury and death.  Early intervention can force a batterer to confront his behavior and choose to accept responsibility and adopt respectful behaviors towards the women in his life.

We believe that violence can be stopped; it is learned behavior that can be unlearned. We congratulate these women leaders who have led the way to speak up and reach out to women and their children while condemning abusive behavior.

Here is a link to the WAO website: