Genesis of Organisation:
PROJECT SWARAJYA is a non-profit making, non-party, pluralistic and open-ended platform that underlines the need for debate, discussion and dialogue among the concerned key players to tackle the complex human rights issues that the society is confronted with. It came into existence in mid-1988 in the midst of a country-wide movement for making Right to Work a fundamental right in the Constitution of India. Fortunately enough, after a lapse of a decade and half, the Common Minimum Programme of the then Government at the Centre has legislated a National Employment Guarantee Act for the whole country. The Organisation has happily prepared itself to conduct a campaign of earlier type for ensuring the foolproof pro-people orientation to the promised legislation.

As the name Swarajya suggests, the Organisation like many other thinkers and reformers of the past and as well of the present, envisages the emergence of an equitable, harmonious and ethical society where each and every individual shall be able to live on the principle, ‘From each according to his capacity, to each according to his need’ in inter-dependence with the rest of the society.

To empower the women and other marginalized and weaker sections of the society such as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled tribes, Other Backward classes, minorities, disabled and destitute for their effective participation in the making and implementation of policies and programmes with gender approach, meant for their sustainable development, and also to work simultaneously for strengthening of the existing platforms and institutions like PRIs and SHGs which directly concern their day-to-day life.

Area of operation:
The Organisation deals with issues of national to local importance. However its activities are concentrated in the State of Orissa. And again its organizational infrastructure is mainly confined to such districts of State as Cuttack, Kendrapara and Jagatsinghpur.

Management of the Organisation:
The organization is being managed by Executive Committees under the instruction of General Body. Secretary is responsible to look after the day to day management of the activities. There 11 members out of which 8 members are women.

Implementation of Programmes:
There 2 Drug Deaddiction Centres for the persons under addiction and 1 Swadhar Greh for destitute women and girls are being managed by this organization since 1992. These centres are residential.