Naripokkho, Bangladesh

Naripokkho is a membership-based women’s activist organization in Bangladesh working since 1983 for the advancement of women’s rights and entitlements and building resistance against violence,discrimination and injustice.


Violence Against Women (VAW) has been a priority concern of Naripokkho from its very inception. The collective experience of its member as well as that of women and organizations which Naripokkho has worked with, always indicated that violence and the threat of it constitutes a major determinant of women’s opportunities, choices and outcomes. Naripokkho’s work on VAW has been manifold ranging across awareness raising , research, advocacy and action.


Naripokkho’s work is focused on the following six inter-related thematic areas:

• Equality and the Political Empowerment of Women
• Violence Against Women and Women’s Human Rights
• Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights
• Gender Issues in Environment and Development
• Cultural Politics and Representation of Women
• Communal Harmony