Korea Women’s Hotline

Korea Women’s Hotline was started in 1983 to create a nonviolent world and promote the equality of the sexes.

Korea Women’s Hotline works in various fields of activity, protecting women’s rights from problems such as domestic abuse, sexual violence, sex trade and human trafficking, while also addressing the problems of migrant women living in Korea.

Korea Women’s Hotline has brought relief to various social problems caused by violence against women. It has made Korean society realize violence is a crime and it has propelled the establishment of three laws concerning woman rights. These include a special law on sexual violence, a protection law for domestic violence, and a protection law on the sex trade.

KWHL has organized the Asia Women Network to address the issue of violence against women as an international issue and not just a domestic concern.

Now, as a nationwide organization that cooperates with 25 local branches, we are doing campaigns to make a nonviolent world for women.