JaSMin, Japan

JaSMin (All Japan Sexual minorities Support Network for Social Inclusion) are a not-for profit LGBT advocacy/support organization campaigning for  LGBT human rights and visibility in Japan. JaSMin is working on LGBT-related legal and political reform both nationally and locally. We advocate gender-neutral laws that apply to all citizens regardless of  their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.
Formed in February 2008 through the initiative of lesbian, bisexual, intersex, transgender and heterosexual activists, JaSMin is committed to the empowerment of the LGBIT community nationwide and serves as a link between diverse groups and individuals working on or interested in social/legal/political issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Our top priorities are to extend direct support to LGBTI people; Elimination of homophobia and transphobia, gender-based harassment and violence that have serious consequences, such as depression, self-mutilation, eating disorders, and ideation and committing of suicide. Our special concerns include fair representation of lesbian and bisexual women, and other social minorities within the LGBT community
Our current activities: Since 2012, we are taking part in a nation-wide 24-hour toll-free helpline that calls for social inclusion. We run an LGBT help line, which can be accessed by pressing #4. We get over 100 calls daily, about 3,000 calls/month.
24-hour Yorisoi Helpline: 0120-279-338 (Toll-free domestic) Push #4 for Gender and Sexuality consultation, call anytime; LGBT Hotline: 0120-377867 (Toll-free domestic) Mondays, 6-9pm Other activities include: Parliamentary lobbying, urging policy reform in local and councils, and conducting awareness training of lawmakers, educators, civil/ community service workers and the media. Our Secretariat consists of 10 core members, we organize lectures and create visual contents for educational purposes. We have a nationwide network of over 200 listed members and groups working in diverse fields.