CSAGA, Vietnam

Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender – Family – Women and Adolescent (CSAGA) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the rights of women and children who are vulnerable to violence and discrimination in Vietnam during the last 12 years. The organization was founded on July 1 2001 under the registration of Hanoi Department of Science, Technology and Environment. Now its main targets are engaging in policy litigation, social advocacy, supporting services and legal enforcement.

During the last decade, CSAGA has implemented more than 50 projects to improve Vietnamese people’s awareness about gender equality, women’s rights and children’s rights. Furthermore, it has run more than 20 clubs of survivors of domestic violence and victims of human trafficking in North Vietnam. Here, survivors of violence are provided with necessary knowledge and skills to prevent violence; they can also receive other support such as psychological counseling, occupational counseling, and litigation support.

At present, CSAGA is operating 6 counseling hotlines in Vietnam, focusing on domestic violence prevention, human trafficking prevention, and lesbian rights protection.