Casa Raudha Women Home, Singapore

Casa Raudha means a place of tranquility. Since its inception in 2008, Casa Raudha Women Home (Casa Raudha) remains steadfast to its vision of promoting positive change and new beginnings for mistreated women.

Located inconspicuously within a residential neighbourhood, Casa Raudha is a welcoming and peaceful place that is safe for women and their children who experienced violence and/or those who have lost roof over their heads due to poverty. Casa Raudha is a crisis shelter that embraces cultural diversity, supporting women and children of all nationality, race and religion.

The shelter ensures that its residents’ basic needs are met e.g. food and accommodation. This gives the women especially the mothers less worry and so that she can focus on overcoming the trauma and making plans to move forward while the children continue their school with minimal / zero disruption.

Not just a mere shelter, Casa Raudha is a Home that provides opportunity for women and their children who wants to make a difference to their lives. Working closely with partners, Casa Raudha continues to be the bridge that connects its residents to the community and engaged them positively to bring about change in their life.